Road tripping – Spain and Portugal

I have come to realise that you will never have enough money, enough time or the right weather to make that trip you have always planned to…. sometimes you just have to start that journey.

Childhood buddies can get you to do almost anything… this is true. If it wasn’t for that chat with Kiron who lives in Madrid which ended something like… “just come, we’ll figure it all out” …. I don’t think I would dare venture westwards where my currency looks almost comical!

And so it happened… A ROADTRIP… from Madrid to Portugal and back… with stopovers on route through a myriad of scenic, magical, adventurous roads and cities and towns… each that wrote a story in my book of life 🙂


13 days of road tripping over 2450kms covering Madrid, the town of Calpe in Alicante, the magical old town of Granada, the lively town of Seville, the mind blowing beaches of Algarve in Portugal and drive back to Madrid via Merida.

We learnt that renting a car, filling fuel, paying for tolls and all the rest that comes with having your own wheels works out much cheaper than getting on trains and buses. Added to it the convenience of figuring your way to the place of stay… So if you have a long route planned that side of the world… Get your self an international driving license and to a rent-a-car without a second thought!



A few things to remember when you venture on a road trip… always pick places to stay that have car parking… this revelation comes from lugging our baggage to old town Sacromente in Granada through cobbled streets… Its another matter that we forgot all about it when we saw the lovely cave house that we were living in! Another important thing you must NOT do is go on a drinking binge the night before your drive… this too is a revelation after struggling to stay awake for a good 100kms….!

And most importantly make sure your navigator is not a nag! I had the bestest navigator in Kiron, who was patient, extremely entertaining and who also doubled up as DJ and got all the songs just right!

Happy roadtripping! 🙂






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This blog is a collection of my travels... Hopefully it will be informative enough and more importantly fun to read and follow..... and more than anything I hope it will inspire people to pack their bags and get on to the next exciting adventure that awaits.... "We travel not to escape life... but for life not to escape us...."

9 thoughts on “Road tripping – Spain and Portugal”

  1. So true about never having enough money! I remember when I was traveling around Spain and the rest of Europe, I was so worried about money. I was constantly trying to keep tabs on how much money I would have when I returned to the US. Finally, I just stopped worrying about it! Of course I didn’t come back to the US with a dime, but I started enjoying myself a lot more. Hey, isn’t that what traveling is all about?

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  2. I’ve never road-tripped in Europe before but I met several people who were doing just that when I was in London/Paris last year. Also helps to have a local friend like yours, huh? I’m definitely doing it next time – and Spain and Portugal are on my list!!

    Great blog, my friend. Very informative for the wanderlusts and the curious types. 🙂 Do include more anecdotes and detailed stories… also about food and any interesting people? I want to feel like I was there with ya!


  3. Hey, your personal travelogue blog looks amazing! It would be nice if you can convert it to a professional travelogue website so more people can know the amazing journeys you’ve made. You can contact me at hello(@) for a wonderful site!

    -Your fan-


  4. Enjoyed reading your two blogs. Coincidently, I travelled with my wife along many of the same roads that you have travelled on this trip (this was all of last May 2015). Thouroughly enjoyed Spain. Your descriptions make me relive some fine moments indeed. Keep up the writing. Looking forward to reading your next blogs. And yes, I agree that renting a car is the only way to go! We found the freedom that a car provides invaluable in making a trip a experience in discovery and exploration.

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